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Family Discussions

Ella was very nervous! Today would be the third time to test for her Second Dan Black Belt in TaeKwon-do. She had tested two previous times and each time had not passed, and received a “No Change.” Each time her failure had been because she did not break only one set of the three required sets of boards. In testing, students performed patterns, did self-defense, demonstrated skill with weapons, sparred, and broke boards. Students were allowed three tries to break all the boards to pass the tests. Also, students were allowed three separate times to test for a new rank. If Ella did not pass testing this time, she would have to be reduced in rank to simply Black Belt, and not even get to retain First Dan Black Belt. Hence, the nerves!

Who Is Without Excuse?

You’ve made some poor choices during your life. Did you face any consequences? Were any of those choices actually sins? Have you felt regret and repented of those terrible sins? All sin needs regret and repentance.

Small Town Talk

Have you or anyone you know ever did an act of kindness for a stranger? My husband seems like a tough person but is really the most kind hearted person. He always tries to help others out if he can but one thing stands out in my mind the most. It was a few years ago, one of his coworkers was struggling and was going through some personal issues. Her kids were not going to have Christmas presents that year. So, my husband took his PlayStation 2 and all of the games, remote control car, and some other things and gave them to her for her kids to have a Christmas. It made his coworker so happy and I know it made her kids happy too.


Bristow News Record

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