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Family Discussions

It was winter in Maine. Abbie's father was the lighthouse keeper. Every day he checked the lights, the oil, the wicks, and cleaned the glass panes to make sure everything was in working order. It was his job to keep the lights glowing because one never knew when a storm might arise and the ships on the ocean would need the lights from the lighthouse to show the way down the coastline so they would not hit rocks or get stuck on sand barges. But Mr. Burgess, Abbie's father, had to leave for supplies, and that meant Abbie would have to take over his job of tending the lighthouse while he was away. Before he left, he said, "Abbie, I'm counting on you, and so are the ships that pass this way. Persevere, never give up, and you will bring light to those who need it."

Changing History?

The family traveled to New York City. Downtown, on the steps of the U.S. Treasury House, is a statue of George Washington. A plaque commemorates his inaugural as the first

Back in the day

Remember, "I like Ike" campaign? Dwight Eisenhower was our only bald-headed president. There are more interesting facts about past presidents. George Washington really didn't cut down the cherry tree. It's


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