Print & Online Advertising

The Bristow News offers a variety of advertising options that will deliver the message you want to the people you want. Let our team of advertising and marketing gurus help craft your message and develop a long-term marketing strategy.

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We publish 2,600 copies every Wednesday and Friday.  These are distributed in Bristow, Depew, Kellyville, Drumright, Sapulpa, Stroud and surrounding areas.

Our display advertising is sold by the column inch (number of columns wide multiplied by height in inches). Standard ad sizes include: 1/8 page (3 col. X 5 in.), 1/4 page (3 col. X 10.5 in.), 1/2 page (6 col. X 10.5 in.), and Full page (6 col. X 20.75 in.).

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Print Advertising

In addition to standard display advertising, Bristow News offers these options:

Have your pre-printed inserts distributed with our issues.

Business Directory
Your business card size ad under a category of your choosing (Yard Work, Excavation, etc.) displayed on our Business Directory pages.

Devotional Page
Display your business card on our weekly Devotional Page.

Special Sections
These popular special sections are published annually. In addition to being inserted in all copies of the newspaper the day they are published, extra copies are distributed throughout Bristow.  Special sections include Progress, Tabbouleh Festival, Kellyville Heritage Days, Bristow Car Show, Fall Sports Preview, Holiday shopping guide.

Specifications & Measurements

Bristow New is printed on a page measuring 11.125 inches wide by 21.5 inches high. The page is separated into 6 columns, Full and spot color are available.


·         1 column wide: 1.75 inches

·         2 columns wide: 3.625 inches

·         3 columns wide: 5.5 inches

·         4 columns wide: 7.375 inches

·         5 columns wide: 9.25 inches

·         6 columns wide: 11.125 inches

Advertising Deadline

The Bristow news is published every Wednesday, and Friday.  Advertising deadlines are noon Monday for Wednesday’s issue and noon Wednesday for Friday’s issue.

Policy and Payment

All advertising subject to approval. We make every effort to honor requests for specific placement in the newspaper, but do not guarantee placement. Please proof your ad when the paper publishes.  We are not Not responsible for errors in advertising after first publication.

Payment for display and classified advertising must be in advance, except for those with established accounts. We accept all major credit cards. All political advertising must be paid in advance.