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He smiled as he walked into the town's city limits. The sidewalk was clean, trees lined the streets, and people waved and greeted each other. He stepped into the cafe, sat down, and waited for the server. Gayle noticed him and took his order for a single cup of coffee. When she went into the kitchen, she told her co-worker Janie about the stranger. She said, "That guy must be homeless. Look how dirty his clothes are! He probably does not have much money because he only ordered a cup of coffee. I do not want to serve him. Will you do it?"

Mother’s Day is coming!

When we have lost someone we love so very much, there are many dates on the calendar that now impact us in ways that they never did before. We know and remember the momentous times when our lives stood still and those significant days of the year when our loss can bubble up and seem magnified once more. There is one coming up.... it’s Mother's Day.

Community Artwork a big hit
Community Artwork a big hit
Community Artwork a big hit
Community Artwork a big hit

Community Artwork a big hit

There are an amazing group of kids at Brookstone Houses, in Bristow, who are spreading good vibes during this pandemic. They painted windows to show how we all can come together in hope and peace and spread the love. From left, RJ Gillhouse, Serina Gillhouse, Nevaeh Gillhouse, Marqua Driver and Jackson Lovett.


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