Creek County Justice Center intake records


The following individuals were listed on the Creek County Sheriff's Office Justice Center intake and release log June 25 through July 9, 2018. Subjects are considered innocent until proven guilty.

June 29, Clydell Alexander, 21, Bristow, felony discharge of a firearm into a dwelling, 25,000 released.

June 29, Cameron Devonte Ashley, 23, Bristow, felony discharge of a firearm into a dwelling, DUI drugs, possession of CDS, eluding, application to accelerate possession of CDS, $32,000, held.

June 28, Chelsea Bethel, 30, Bristow, DUI, driving with license revoked, transport of open container, three counts child endangerment, failure to carry security verification, failure to illuminate, failure to maintain lane, failure to place child in restraints, $1,750, released.

July 2, Shana Jo Billingsly, 40, Mannford, possession of a credit card belonging to another, knowingly concealing stolen property, $7,500, released.

June 28, Joseph Britt, Oilton, Tulsa County hold, released.

June 29, Lucas John Calbreath, 40, Bristow, driving under suspension, no insurance, defective vehicle, $1,750, held.

July 4, David Wayne Caldwell, 44, Bristow, domestic abuse, $5,000, held.

July 2, Jonathan Paul Casey, 37, Oilton, motion to revoke two counts third degree forgery, $5,000, released.

June 26, Ricky Lee Dutton, 62, Mannford, assault and battery, $500, released.

June 29, Robert Q. Dutton, 46, Bristow, failure to appear, reciprocal, $13,251, held.

June 29, Kane Calixto Fruits, 21, Bristow, felony discharge into dwelling, $20,000, released.

June 29, Christopher John Fuller, 51, Kellyville, bail jumping, failure to appear on the following: failure to provide for a child, DUI, traveling with open container, traveling with open container liquor, unsafe lane use, $50,000, held.

July 7, Abigail Nicole Funk, 20, Bristow, domestic abuse in the presence of a minor, $2,500, held.

June 29, Dylan Scott Haydon, 26, Bristow, driving under suspension, $1,000, released.

July 1, Chad Alan Hudgins, 29, Depew, speeding 79/65, no valid drivers license, transporting open container of beer, transporting loaded firearm in vehicle, carrying concealed weapon without permit, $3,000, released.

June 27, Terry Jerome Johnson, 60, Bristow, combined CDS charges to one bond, possession of CDS marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, $2,000, held.

July 5, Christopher Lee Kearns, 23, Bristow, application to accelerate possession of CDS, $5,000, held.

June 30, Elaine Marie Ledford, 27, Mounds, failure to appear false reporting of a crime, $924, released.

July 1, Eric Ray Ledford, driving under suspension, failure to comply with compulsory insurance, taxes due state, $1,750, released.

June 27, David Paul Miller, 41, Drumright, 30-day sanction per Judge Joe Sam Vassar, held.

July 3, Randee Lynn Polm, 38, Depew, failure to appear on the following: possession of CDS, possession of paraphernalia, bail jumping failure to appear out of Archer County, Texas, $50,000, held.

July 5, John Robert Rinke, 45, Bristow, making terroristic threats, $50,000, held.

June 25, Shannon E. Rye, 28, Bristow, possession of CDS – methamphetamine, possession of paraphernalia, $5,500, held.

July 3, Jeremiah Eugene Shadowen, 35, Mannford, driving under suspension, defective vehicle, $1,250, released.

July 4, Amy Lea Sunday, 37, Oilton, application to accelerate larceny of a vehicle, bond recommit two counts larceny of an automobile, trespassing, second degree forgery, $20,000, held.

July1, Robert Glenn Talley, 87, Depew, driving under the influence, failure to maintain lane, $1,250, released.

June 27, Heather R. Thomas, 30, Mannford, driving under suspension, failure to wear seat belt, $1,025, released.

July 6, Martin Howard Travis, 54, Depew, driving under revocation, no insurance, failure to register vehicle, speeding 1-10 over, $2,000, released.

July 8, Juston Don Waldrep, 35, Bristow, failure to appear divorce, $5,000, held.

June 30, Colby Elena Williams, failure to appear on the following: assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, resisting a police officer, $50,000, held.

June 30, Andrew Yoder, 41, Mannford, domestic abuse, $5,000, released.