California or bust - it was touch and go

By J. D. Meisner 

Ten days, 3,766 miles, eight states, a failed water pump and a burned out a/c blower relay, and all Wife and I have to show for it are numb backsides, a couple shiny rocks, three souvenir hoodies – a ton of new knowledge, family love, and a thousand amazing memories.

We left Tinytown Oklahoma before the sun rose, driving Wife’s itty-bitty, two-seat, rag-top sports car, a.k.a. Draco, who was literally packed with clothes and other road-trip essentials, stuffed wherever we could find a nook or cranny – destination: Sacramento, California, and Oldest Daughter who we had not seen for far too long – nor had we yet met our two new “step” grand kids Roland and Evan.


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