They’ve got my support...

By Shirley Todd


On Thursday afternoon, I watched as a group of Tulsa teachers walked down Route 66 coming into Bristow for the night. As I was taking pictures of them, I noticed their smiles and appreciation that I was there to show my support. Many cars passed by with horns honking, one person held a sign showing support for Oklahoma teachers. I drove on to the high school to get pictures of them entering the Chuck West Fieldhouse and noticed that Collins Elementary students were standing along Ash Street waiting on the walkers to arrive. I walked over and took pictures of these elementary students cheering on these teachers they don’t know, but understand they are walking in support of them. That is when it hit me and I did get a little emotional.

These teachers from different schools across Tulsa School District aren’t just walking for their own students, but for all Oklahoma public school students. This made me proud to be witnessing a group of young kids cheering these teachers on for their cause.


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