Predictions 2018

By J.D. Meisner

Hey, faithful readers. We survived the end of times... well, the end of 2017, and what a whack year it was (I'm not sure what that even means).

But with 2017 behind us and 2018 stretching out to the front, it's time for me to stick my proverbial neck out and make some predictions about what I think might happen in the coming year. This is tongue in cheek stuff, folks, don't take it to seriously.

1. Who will win the World Series? I'd say a safe bet would be the Depew Hornets, but since none of them yet are playing major league baseball, that's not going to happen, so let's go with the Yankees this season. They've got some new crankin' bats (Stanton, Judge, Gregorious, Sanchez) and these guys cost the Steinbrenner brothers a bucketload of money, so they better perform or the Dodgers, Nationals, Cubs, Indians, or Astros will take the pennant.



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