Depew annexes fenceline

By J. D. Meisner Managing Editor.
In the 1914 poem, “Mending Wall,” Robert Frost wrote, “Good fences make good neighbors.” In the case of the City of Bristow and the City of Depew, the question arises, can two fences make neighbors twice as good? On Monday, Feb. 24, the Town of Depew Board of Trustees voted to begin the process of creating a “legal fenceline” around the town of depew by annexing a 25-foot wide swath of land that encircles the Town of Depew outside its already existing city limit boundaries. The vote was to pass a resolution authorizing Town Clerk Susie Case to identify and contact the owners of the properties which the proposed annexation would come in contact with and notify them that there would be a public hearing where they could voice any concerns to the board.


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